Many of you in our state have been made aware of Gov. Bill Lee's Executive Order #17 stating that "persons in the state of Tennessee not participate in social gatherings of ten (10) or more people." This morning, we received notification from the Tennessee Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers that Gov. Lee's statement " is to include but are not limited to visitations, funerals, or other memorial events and burial of deceased humans (whether held at a funeral establishment, church, cemetery or other facility)."

Due to these stringent regulations, we will have to announce that at this time ALL currently scheduled funerals, memorial services, and graveside services, etc. will be CLOSED to the public. Any forthcoming services will follow the same protocol. Only the immediate family may be present at these events. If the immediate family consists of more than 10 persons, we will ensure that our facility is available in its entirety to separate persons into groups of less than 10 during this time. Any services that are to be held will be available via live stream on our Facebook page or website, per the family's request.

Again, please understand that our desire as a funeral home is to serve your family during this time. We are tirelessly working to provide you with options during this time and we are thankful for your understanding.

- The Cody Family and Companion Funeral Home Staff

To help prevent the spread of the virus, we are offering the following steps for the families we are serving and individuals who visit our facilities for funeral and memorial services:

We affirm and encourage “social distancing” as it relates to funeral and memorial services.

Wherever it is possible, please refrain from close contact with others. We are aware that funerals can be an extremely emotional time, but we encourage this for the sake of our staff and the families we are serving. Give adequate space and use minimal contact with others and items in and around the funeral home, especially frequently handled items (doors, restroom fixtures, coffee pot, water fountain etc.) When signing the register book, please sanitize your hands after using the pen.

Our staff may be more “distant” than normal. We will be on property and frequently checking in, but just not out front at the door as every guest enters. This is not an effort to provide a lesser experience, we will be available to meet whatever needs your family has. We are simply hoping to ensure we can continue to offer this necessary service through the duration of this virus.

If necessary or desired, we can offer modified funeral and memorial services.

It has been requested to limit gatherings of 50 or more people. To attempt to align with this, we may suggest that families change the nature of their funeral or memorial service. Let me be clear in saying that if we are permitted, we will continue to operate as a full-service funeral home we just think it may be wise in some cases to modify the service.

An example of this might be to have a viewing or visitation with family and close friends and a public graveside service.

We are also actively looking into LIVE STREAMING options for funeral services. As soon as they are available, we would be able to have a small service for close family and publish the streaming on our website and social media platforms for the public to take part in.

We will offer remote options for making funeral and service arrangements.

Through this process, if necessary, we will make every effort to make final arrangements via phone or e-mail. We are also currently working on setting up internet forms to help ease in the arrangement process.  This will allow us to continue to serve your family 24/7 without the need to come into our office if a more restrictive quarantine becomes a concern.

with all of the above measures, we are simply hoping to stay out in front of any infection that may arise. Currently and throughout the entire journey, we will continue to be here for ALL of your memorial and final arrangement needs. These few precautionary measures will hopefully ensure our firm’s stability as we navigate the next few weeks and months. Thank you for your support!


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